Why the Hell is Tyronn Lue Coaching the Eastern All Stars?

Former NBA journeyman and 2-time NBA champion, Tyronn Lue is headed to All Star weekend to coach the 2015-16 Eastern All Stars. This happens by default after the Cleveland Cavaliers abruptly fired former head coach David Blatt. The Cavaliers only made it one full season with Blatt, before canning him a few days after the team’s 132-98 loss to the Warriors.

Now with Blatt gone and Lue sliding into All Star Weekend, one can only wonder: Who is Tyronn Lue?

Lue began his career in Los Angeles back in 1998, playing along the likes of a young Kobe Bryant and a Shaquille O’Neal that was hungry for some championships. In his third year, Lue made some waves when Phil Jackson assigned him to guard Allen Iverson in the 2001 NBA Finals. His relentless defense on A.I. was a contributing factor to the Lakers’ domination over Philadelphia that year.

After that season, Lue went on to ink a deal with the Washington Wizards where he saw more playing time. During his two years in Washington, he shared some playing time alongside a 39-year-old Michael Jordan.

Lue played for Orlando and Washington before spending four years with the Atlanta Hawks. He averaged 13.5 points and 5.4 assists during his best year. Lue then continued to play off the bench for the Mavericks and Bucks, before ending his career back in Orlando.

Tyronn’s numbers and accolades as a pro aren’t nothing to marvel about. Not much is known about his coaching skills, but it’ll be interesting to see how he shares the minutes of the players during this year’s All Star game. More importantly, it’ll be more interesting to see how his tenure goes in Cleveland as they still hold high expectations.


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