2016 NBA Finals: Game 3 Preview

Warriors win tonight, by at least double digits. Then they take the series and title on Friday night when we start our weekends.

Alright, I guess anything can happen. I guess the Cavs have some sort of chance. LeBron could have himself one of those legendary games to tally Cleveland up in the win column. Injuries can happen in any game, just look at what happened to Kevin Love. What if the injury bug bites Golden State, especially to one of its three stars? Maybe Draymond gets too heated when things don’t exactly go the Warriors’ way (which has been virtually not at all in Games 1 and 2). The Warriors’ depth all of a sudden becomes a nonfactor and is out-shined by Cleveland’s second unit? Or somehow Klay Thompson and Steph Curry forget how to shoot? OK, now I’m reaching for straws.

But that’s a lot of what-ifs. The more likely outcome is, even if LeBron has a trademark game or Kyrie can drop 40, that Golden State walks out of Quicken Loans Arena tonight up 3-0 and a game away from its second straight NBA Finals. Talks of LeBron ditching Cleveland again start to heat up. It’s only a matter of time before the Warriors are crowned champs, but maybe the Cavs can find a way to keep this seri…

Actually no it’s over. Warriors win. Cavs lose. And it’s another night of me–the biggest LeBron fan–left cursing at the TV trying to defend him.

– Todd Kress

Game 2 Takeaways

  • J.R. Smith continues to be a non-factor in this series, notching five points in 33 minutes of playing time.
  • Draymond Green was open for all of Game 2, shooting 3-for-5 from three and closing the night with a game-high of 28 points. He continues to have his way with Cleveland’s poor defense.
  • As expected, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were able to shake-off their cold shooting logging in a total of 35 points together.
  • Iguodala remains a contender for Finals MVP after another strong effort that covered all aspects of the floor: 7 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 block in just 28 minutes on the floor.


This series is over. Doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Just when you thought the Cavaliers couldn’t shit the bed for two straight games, during the NBA Finals, they completely out-do themselves and come out flatter than ever. Nineteen turnovers. Out-rebounded by twelve—by the small-ball Warriors. LeBron: 7 Turnovers, just 19 points and settling for jump shots. Kevin Love gets accidently whacked and is sidelined once again. The Cavaliers are just making the East look bad at this point. The pressure is on Cleveland to win, making it a fun challenge for the Warriors to continue this beating.

– Daniel Solis Ramos

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