2016 NBA Finals: Game 4 Preview

Game 4 Takeaways

  • Kyrie’s fucking shake-n-bake on Curry.
  • 18 points, 8 boards and 3 dimes for Harrison Barnes, one of the few who showed up on Wednesday for GSW.
  • LeBron James dominates on offense. 32 points and 11 boards. Silencing critics who are patiently waiting. His alley-oop finish from Irving was the highlight of the night.
  • Klay Thompson ice cold once again. 4/13 from the field, just 10 pity points. Klay was 4-for-13 from the three-point line in Game 3.
  • Where’s MVP Steph Curry?

Tonight might be the best one of the series. Unless it goes to a Game 7. The Cavaliers finally woke up. The Cavaliers are now locked-in and have that confidence that was absent in the first two games. It will be close though, the Warriors don’t ever get embarrassed for two-straight games. Cleveland has the benefit of being at home tonight and they will need it—Golden State will be firing back hard after getting smacked around in Game 3. Warriors by 6.

– Daniel S Ramos

To say Game 3 surprised me is an understatement. Everything fell in place for the Cavs. LeBron and Kyrie went off for 62 points. J.R. Smith finally took his head out of his ass and shot a .500 clip from 3-point land, tallying 2o points to help replace the loss of Kevin Love. And then we have the Warriors’ duo that looked anything but dynamic in Game 3. Steph got in foul trouble before a saved a shitty first half showing by finding his groove and shot late. Thompson suffered an injury early and never seemed to be at 100 percent after that.

So…what do we expect to unfold in Game 4? I don’t even know anymore. Steph and Klay could finally erupt and carry the Warriors on their shoulders alone. Bron could revert back to his jump shooting ways–like late in Game 3–and start turning Quicken Loans Arena into Brick City. But I don’t have a fucking clue. You’re guess is as good as mine.

But I have to think Cleveland has something going for them here. The momentum. The best player on the planet–yep, I said it. J.R. got his swag back. And Kevin Love may be returning. Cavs win this one, but not as convincing as their 30-point blowout on Wednesday. Tally it up at 2-2.

– Todd Kress

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