2016 NBA Finals: Game 5 Preview

My roommate insists on shitting on LeBron to me every chance he can get. So does the rest of the planet for James not shooting enough, or passing too much, or not taking over in the fourth quarter. I continue to stand by The King. He doesn’t have to possess the shoot-first mentality like Kobe or Jordan. Who gives a fuck?  Kevin Love makes that open trey and all of a sudden it’s a great pass from LeBron. He misses and we scream for more shots and attacks.

Rant off. The Draymond suspension kind of surprised me. But the build up from the OKC series warrants the suspension somewhat. I still think Golden State has an advantage obviously with Steph running the show, but it’ll be interesting to see what effect Green’s absence has on the Warriors. He only missed one game all regular season and the playoffs until tonight. I won’t write off Cleveland completely, but I’ll consider it a mini shock if they come through, in Game 6, on the road, against a more talented team. And your back-to-back NBA Finals champs–the Golden State Warriors, 101-90 over LeBron and Co.

– Todd Kress

Game 4 Takeaways

  • Kyrie Irving shook Stephen Curry once again. But Curry had an MVP-like performance, 38 points and six assists.
  • LeBron James passed the ball every-fucking-time in the fourth quarter. Irving took (and missed) the big shots in the fourth, while also doing senseless isolation plays. Irving was reckless at times but closed the night with 34 points.
  • Splash Brothers: 63 points, 11/22 3pt FG.

Golden State shot 47% from beyond the arc, compared to Cleveland’s 24% three-point shooting in Game 5. James is not being aggressive in the fourth quarter, tonight he attacks. The Cavaliers have a solid chance here with Draymond Green being suspended for the Warriors. This game is being played in Golden State though, expect the Warriors to thrive behind their home crowd to bring home back-to-back championships.

– Daniel S Ramos

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